October 4, 2011

Back to work?

So I realize that it's been a long time.  As July came to an end, I had to complete an online class, move back to Purdue, unpack my life, exterminate my apartment of icky-crawlies, and begin the last semester of my college career. Whew! Out of all of this, the most exciting thing was returning to my awesome God-sent community of Jesus followers and my favorite college church, Purdue Christian Campus House.

In all of this, I found no good time to blog.  Sadly, it's true.  And it's been an amazing semester so far.  We are in Week 7 out of 16.  And why, do you ask, am I blogging today?  I called off work with a cold.  I just couldn't work with food and a snotty nose! It's just wrong.  But I KNOW God will provide. My bills will get paid :)

Now, enough formalities.  Let me tell you about my life these past 3 months!  August 4th, Jasmine & I drove to Chicago to see Beauty & the Beast on Broadway! Amaziiiiing!!!!

(insert pic)