July 30, 2011

The Story of Acrylic & Gouache

Once upon a time, a young girl wished to learn how to paint. Tried as she might, she could find no paint friendly enough for her talents. She tried watercolor, but this 6th-grader could not get it right. She tried Acrylic, it was fun but still wasn't as joyful. Finally one day, her 'advanced drawing' Teaching Assistant told her about Gouache paint, a paint that so happened to be in her art kit already. "Oh!" she exclaimed, as she attempted the feat of mastering this wondering paint. She created a beautiful sunset and got an A! The End!!

If only it were like a fairytale....

July 24, 2011

The Definition of Strange [Inspiration #1]

You know who's so unique to me, and of course people call him strange? Adam Young of Owl City. He's an inspiration to me for being so "strange". I mean his lyrics are unbelievable, beautiful, metaphoric, confusing and inspirational all at once. To me, this insomniac and dreamer is an inspiration to this insomniac and dreamer. Yeah, I can relate. Here's an excerpt from Alligator Sky: