The Birdcage

If you're wondering what the whole deal is with birdcages, it's simple.  I love their structure and the idea of something so elegant.  If you haven't noticed they've become a style most recently.  Regardless, I love their elegance, but at the same time they are prisons.  Call it what you wish, but birds don't want to be in birdcages.  They want to be free, wouldn't you say?  As my favorite band Deas Vail so eloquently states in their song Cages:

We thought we had it all figured out,
But we don’t know the half of it.
And somebody will come and save us all.
And somebody will come and let us out,
Let us out of our cages.

It's simple.  Sin had me badly long ago, when I was stuck in my cage.  I thought it was always meant to be, and there was no escape. Since God has grasped ahold of my life, I've not only escaped this birdcage.  I blasted my way out of it like no tomorrow.  Because otherwise, there wouldn't be.  And truth be told, I have to explain it here.  To emphasize the way in which I escaped.

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