About Jess

If you're wondering who this character is, writing to you, I am a college Senior awaiting graduation.

I am a Computer Graphics Technology major, while minoring in Art & Design and Organizational Leadership & Supervision.

I am a Black woman who sounds "proper" if you've ever heard such a thing! So much so that I tend to fool people, it's an interesting part of my personality.

I love bright colors and spontaneity, despite being an introvert.

I own a mac, and love it! :)

I'm a lefty, and I love that too!! :D

I am a woman who likes fast music, but prefer to chill music and napping on rainy days :)

And most importantly, I am a Christian.  Call me radical, but I believe God put us on this earth to do more than enjoy ourselves.  We have to love each other & take care of each other as brothers & sisters.  God does not discriminate and I'll try my hardest not to as well!  I'll try my hardest to love, no matter how I'm treated.  I'll try my hardest to be brave in a cruel world and put others before me.  My goal: have Jesus be the center of my life, not myself.

Born in the Big Easy (NOLA) but I'm a midwest girl and soon to be a Purdue grad!  I hope you'll enjoy reading this adventure of my life as God narrates!