March 20, 2011

Head for the Hills 2011

My last Spring Break in undergrad college. Even though I have been on two spring break trips with Campus House, I wasn't sure what to expect from this one.

First off, the roadtrip worried me. I decided to drive this year and knew that I needed some energetic friends to accompany me and keep me awake for 7-8 hours. But I never anticipated how awesome my car would be. God truly blessed me with the best car. My sister Jasmine, an awesome girl named Julia and a sweet girl named Rita accompanied me to Pigeon Forge, TN on Saturday March 13th. We blasted Lecrae and had a dance party the whole way there (minus a nap or two for the passengers).

I was also worried about what bedroom we'd get (I worried over a whole lot of dumb things). I knew God had our back. Jasmine & I wanted to share a bed and snuggle the whole week, but we also hoped to have some awesome girls to share a room with.

The mountains were so beautiful, it was hard for me to be distracted about what room I'd get while being so surrounded by God's creation. We took so many pics!! After getting lost a few times on the road, we caught up with some of our caravan and made it there on time! In fact, we got there right before 6:30 and the goal was 7. We walked through the beautiful cabin and found an empty room in the corner with a giant king and a bunkbed. Jasmine and I dropped our things and went to explore the rest of the cabin. We played some pingpong and joined the others outside who were waiting for more cars to arrive. Eventually, two more sisters joined us, Liz & Lauren, both sweethearts. [By the 2nd day Jazmyn & Michelle, 2 of our closest friends, made their way to our room to stay! Sleepover!!]

I was so excited about the week and I knew that it would so amazing. All I had to do was wait for it all to unfold.

A week on Spring Break with Campus House consists of good food, awesome God-filled conversations, morning devotionals, evening worship and late-night hangouts. Every day was a new adventure, with people that knew me well and people I'd never met. I have been on Spring Break with Campus House 3 times now and I've never experienced community like this.

My fellow brothers & sisters were so open to share their struggles and their stories with everyone, no walls or strings attached. My community group of 7 random people (only 2 of which I knew before) were so open from the beginning, that we each shared our full testimony, one night at a time. One person at a time. It was so amazing to see how God was moving in people's lives, and knowing that you're not alone in your struggle.

No matter what your sin is, beit hypocrisy, sexual sin, or whatever, we are all beautiful in God's eyes. We are all loved by Him, and it tears Him up to know what we're going through. But if we surrender it to Him, and go running to Him for comfort, we will find the freedom that all of humanity craves.

Let me just say that my sin is just as dirty and horrible as yours or your neighbor's but God loves us regardless. He has the freedom from sin that we all need. It's so amazing to see that.

[ Someday soon I hope to give my testimony here on my blog. Just a sidenote! ^_^ ]

One thing that made Spring Break truly awesome for me was that my sister Jasmine asked me to baptize her Wednesday night. It was so beautiful and she shares this new-born birthday with 6 other amazing people.

But on a less serious note, Spring Break was full of some awesome adventure as well. My hilarious Sisters-in-Christ and I have started a step that we're practicing. [for those of you that don't know anything about stepping, check out the trailer for the movie Stomp the Yard. Normally it's a greek thing and I'm the only greek! But we just like to dance! ]

Also, having awesome dance parties in the parking lot in front of your cabin in the Smoky Mountains is great.........until you kill your car battery. Yep, we did that. It was so old that when I got back to Purdue I had to buy a new one. [Praise God for getting us back safely!!]

We also explored a place called MagiQuest, a high-time adventure palace full of magic and wands [it was the corniest thing ever but pretty hilarious]. Here's a link to the corniest trailer you'll ever see: prepare to be amazed...or not.

In my opinion, the only thing worth paying for at this goofy thing was the mirror maze, which had a room of mirrors and lights in the middle (where we proceeded to have a dance party). The amount of dance parties on this trip makes me smile every time I think about it (and makes me want to have another!!)

This was truly an amazing trip. I feel so blessed that God allowed me to go, and to spend time with such beautiful people. :) I can already feel the long-lasting relationships that God has blessed us with through another Campus House Spring Break trip!

Until we meet again!
Jess ♥

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