July 30, 2011

The Story of Acrylic & Gouache

Once upon a time, a young girl wished to learn how to paint. Tried as she might, she could find no paint friendly enough for her talents. She tried watercolor, but this 6th-grader could not get it right. She tried Acrylic, it was fun but still wasn't as joyful. Finally one day, her 'advanced drawing' Teaching Assistant told her about Gouache paint, a paint that so happened to be in her art kit already. "Oh!" she exclaimed, as she attempted the feat of mastering this wondering paint. She created a beautiful sunset and got an A! The End!!

If only it were like a fairytale....

I love paint. I've been fascinated with it for so long. Since middle school, I wondered what the possibilities were if I could paint. I didn't attempt it often, but when I had the opportunity I loved it. Watercolor upset me in the 6th-grade, but I had to give it another chance.

Years and years go by. I'm a Super Senior in college, still wishing I'd gotten into Introductory Painting. Alas, at a school like Purdue, built for Engineers but not Artists, such a small, 15-student classroom had no room for a non-major. That would be anyone not majoring in something that ends in 'Art'. However, my amazing TA Garet Martin, bless his heart, gave us ample opportunity to use any media we wanted in Drawing II, the advanced drawing class! So I had to take this chance! This was it! It was sink or swim, and I literally came out sputtering for breath when BEHOLD!!

a masterpiece of my own.....

Introducing the Baobabs Trees of Madagascar, one of my favorite creations of God. Check them out right here!

Until we meet again!
Jess ♥

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