December 27, 2011

A New Chapter

In honor of my new, post-grad freedom, I am picking up new hobbies!! The goal is to use my free-time wisely.  No watching tv or napping for me! (well, I'll probably still nap)  Here is a list of everything that I want to do from now on!!


Last fall I learned how to knit! Some friends and I had a knitting party, and after that most of us gave it up!  I was overwhelmed that 20 stitches and very thin yarn was getting me nowhere.  Almost a year later, I picked up thicker needles and thicker yarn.  In a month, I knitted 3 beautiful scarves; red, purple and green.  I gave them to 2 good friends and a mentor.  I found that it was more meaningful to give someone a gift that took me 8 hours to make than purchasing something.  I also found out that I'm a giver!


 I plan to pick up reading again and never putting it down! I love reading; one of God's gifts that I most appreciate is the imagination.  Mine is always on hyperdrive and it makes reading such a joy!  My imagination gets the best of me when I'm trying to imagine EXACTLY what something looks like and I read slower and slower, but all the same it's worth it.  I'm picking up Francis Chan's Crazy Love and finishing it this time!  Back when I began reading it, I wasn't reading my Bible as I should, I confess, and stopped reading to refocus.  But I know that it's an amazing book and I've never heard a negative comment about it.  Not from old friends or new friends around the country.  If you have a book suggestion I'd love to hear it!

Drawing & Painting

I'm getting back into my hobby again; drawing.  I love drawing, because its so expressive.  Painting is something that I've always thought I was terrible at.  But now I want to work on it more & more!  I can't wait to expand my paint collection and get started, mainly since mine are all 4 years old and dried up!!  I'll keep you posted as I go!


I want to take up biking everywhere I go.  I've heard its a great exercise for women and I have an adorable cruiser that's been sitting outside all winter.  This should be fun! 

So Free!!!

I am so excited to be graduated that I'm free to do things I love again!  Although I did not have a book major (studying all the time) I had an application major; we applied everything we learned on the spot.  When I learned how to program I had to ACTUALLY WRITE PROGRAMS!  This takes just as long as studying a book on Pharmacy or Psychology.  It's nerve racking and pulling all-nighters with Maya & Photoshop is a thing of the past! :D

Are there any hobbies you wish you had time for or have you recently made time for? 
Until we meet again,

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